Surmedic Azulene Soothing Peptide Ampoule (80ml)

৳ 1,875.00

Soothing Blue Capsules: Enriched with Guiazulene and 5 core Centella Asiatica ingredients, it instantly helps to soothe and protect sensitive skin.
Moisturizing Ceramide capsules: Ceramide capsules and 10 Peptides not only soothe the skin, but help to improve skin’s moisture level and wrinkles.
Soothing + Hydrating + Tightening: Blue capsule and Ceramide capsules help to calm sensitive skin, while delivering intensive hydrating and tightening benefits to skin.
Strengthening: Formulated Panthenol, Calamine and Ceramide help improve skin’s barrier while preventing moisture loss.
Made In Korea

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